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    Liberation Drones for the 47th Mech Brigade
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Liberation Drones for the 47th Mech Brigade

Thermal vision drones are extremely important for Ukraine. One uses them for a lot of purposes starting from observation and ending in land mines clearance. The European Resilience Initiative Center has launched a new campaign in order to raise money for thermal vision drones for the 47th mechanised brigade of the Ukrainian army, which is liberating Ukraine's south, and is fighting on Tokmak-Melitopol direction. 

Update: With your PayPal and bank donations, we have raised legendary €140,000 and purchased:

17x Mavic3T thermal night vision drones
6x Mavic3 and Mavic3Pro standard vision drones
2x Mavic3 Long Flight standard vision drones with extra power pack
1x Mavic3Classic standard vision training drone
1x Mavic2EA thermal night vision drone from a previous generation

Drones being delivered

One of batches of drones: 7x Mavic3T, 4xMavic3, 2xMavic3 Long Flight - being delivered to the 47th Brigade in Zaporizhzhya

To support our donation campaigns:

Bank Transfer

IBAN: DE14 1204 0000 0462 1637 00
Bank name: Commerzbank
Recipient: European Resilience Initiative Center gGmbH

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