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By Maxym Vikhrov | 07.11.2023

In peacetime, Ukraine would have held the parliamentary and presidential elections in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Why adhering to this schedule in war time risks undermining the country’s trust in democracy

Do Ukraine's Troops Lose Motivation?
The U.S. discussion on Ukraine's arms: what is at stake
Ukraine's Offensive: Drones, Tanks, Taurus
Ukraine and drones | Sergej Sumlenny | TVP World

Do you want to support the Ukrainian offensive, and get a bottle of unique Ukrainian wine from a legendary Kherson or Bakhmut winery? We raise money for night vision drones for the 47th Separate Motorized Brigade. Five randomly selected donators will recieve one of these unique bottles. Both wineries have been destroyed by the Russians, so this wine is absolutely unique. Donate for night vision drones, and raise a glass for the victory!

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